The Film: No Time to Get Old

This page gives information on the film: Videography on Older Female Artists in the USA. From Little Rock to Akron. A Film produced by Sol Haring, co produced:  Andreas Wildbein,  2012.

You can find  information on the film shooting and portraits of the interviewed women. You can see film stills and self-portraits. For more information click on the artists’ names.

Interviewed Women:

At one point during the interview I asked the artists to photograph themselves with a hand held shutter release of my photo camera. Next to the women’s names you can find a self-portrait of each of them taken on the day of the interview.

Marilyn Dirrig, 56, musician & songwriter, Open Mic host, Akron, Ohio







Joan Colbert, 60, artist, painter Akron, Ohio





Shannon Boshears, 45, musician, singer songwriter, Little Rock, Arkansas





Marjorie Williams-Smith, 55plus, artist and art teacher, Little Rock, Arkansas





V. L. Cox, 49, painter, artist in North Little Rock, Arkansas





Marti Jeffers, 60ish, singer & songwriter, Amethyst, Akron, Ohio





Sherrie Shepherd, 53, artist, cartoonist, graphic designer Little Rock , Arkansas in front of a mural by V.L. Cox




Diane Page Harper, 49, artist, art student Little Rock, Arkansas





Delita Martin, 35, artist  and art teacher, Little Rock, Arkansas





Connie Bloom, at the age of 64
Conny died in August 2016,
fabric artist at Summit Art Space, Akron, Ohio





Peggy Coyle, 51, Jazz singer Akron Ohio






Amy Walker, 48, guitarist, Amethyst, Akron, Ohio






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